Your Website & Building Your Online Presence


Linking to Social Media


Each social media account you have should be linked to every other relevant account, as well as to your website and/or Deeds author page. For example, your Twitter should link out to your website and perhaps your Facebook page. Your Goodreads author page should link to Twitter and your blog.

(To Note: Every profile you have should have a link to your website and/or Deeds author page. This is where you want to direct followers so they can buy your book.)  

When you create new accounts or profiles, please let Deeds know so we can add them to your author page and spread the word!

If you are active on social media and find yourself working tirelessly to copy and paste the same content from account to account, there are tools online (like and that allow you to post the same thing to multiple accounts. For instance, through these tools, an image you share and caption on Facebook will automatically post to Twitter (and format itself to 140 characters). Even better, you can schedule posts to go live while you’re away!

The key is to promote yourself through accessibility and connectivity. When it’s difficult for readers to find more information about you, they may get impatient and give up. By linking each of your social media accounts to each other, information is readily accessible and encourages your readers to learn more about you and your books.


Linking to Amazon/Deeds

One very important place to link your accounts to is your Amazon Author Page. While many of our sales come through the Deeds website, some people prefer to buy through Amazon, especially if they stumble across your work there. If you do not already have an author page, you can go to and follow the steps to set one up. This will direct anyone who clicks on one of your books to a mini-website with information about you, your books, and your other web presences. When promoting your book, be sure to link to either the Deeds store or on Amazon. This makes purchasing your book much easier for your reader.