Vance Gammons was born on October 15, 1934 in Cowan, TN. He was enrolled in the Sewanee Military Academy and was later accepted into Georgia Tech, followed by the Army in June 1958. Gammons completed infantry officers, Ranger, Airborne, and helicopter courses, which were followed by tours in Korea, U.S., France, Germany, and three volunteer Vietnam flying tours with one extension. Afterward, he finished his 24 years of service with various staff jobs, retiring on August 1, 1982. Vance was married to his wife in June of 1970, and now spends most of his time helping his two sons and doing whatever his wife wants done, while also managing to enjoy some golf and the occasional military unit and association reunion.





The Second Edition

Vance Gammons was the Company Commander of the 335th Assault Helicopter Company in an era like no other: the Vietnam War. At the time, none of the Cowboys—as they were called then and today—knew what would become of their lives if they were lucky enough to survive their time in country. It wasn’t until a 2017 Cowboy Reunion that Gammons suggested they document their experiences after the war in a sociological exercise that would become this book.

335th Assault Helicopter Company: What We Did After the Vietnam War is a collection of their biographies, overflowing with stories of life after Vietnam, varied accomplishments and downfalls, and a continued support for our enduring nation, all in the words of not-so-famous, ordinary men.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-93-7 | 344 pages