John Frederick is an honors graduate of Penn State University’s Geography program, where he also began his cycling career on the university’s championship road race team. Following a cross-country trek after college graduation, he embarked on a racing career which produced an additional set of adventurous stories. He discovered that he could use his bicycle to challenge himself while experiencing the natural environment at the same time. His interest in physical geography would initially take him into the classroom as a high school Earth and Environmental Science teacher. Ultimately, he had the opportunity to return to one of his other passions, writing, when he began working with environmental professionals and organizations. In addition to that writing and editing, he authors a popular newspaper column on science and environmental topics, entitled Earth Matters. The father of two sons, he lives with his wife, Kathy, near Altoona, Pennsylvania.




Winding Roads

The view from the sometimes uncomfortable saddle of a bicycle is unique. It offers intimate insight into the people cyclists meet, the geography surrounding us, the roads we travel on, and the mechanism by which we move about. All are seen at the deliberate speed that can be experienced only on a bicycle. This story is not just one about the rides, but also the transformation of a shy, nonathletic kid. A cross-country bicycling trek after college graduation became his rite of passage, but the things that lead up to that trip make for a series of fascinating stories unto themselves.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-17-3 | 366 pages
TRAVEL / Special Interest / Bicycling
SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Geography