Gary DeRigne is frequent speaker to groups of all kinds, entertaining listeners with his stories of the Vietnam War and its aftermath, and encouraging their support for America’s veterans and their families. To schedule a talk or book signing, contact him at Gary@GaryDeRigne.com.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each copy of Angie’s War are donated to non-profit veterans’ organizations, such as: Veterans Community Project, at www.VeteransCommunityProject.org; St. Michael’s Veterans Center, at www.smvets.org; Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, at www.IAVA.org.

Gary served as an Army infantryman and platoon sergeant in the Vietnam War, an experience that indelibly altered his spirit, and his life. Since the war he has been a husband; a father and grandfather; a youth baseball and soccer coach; a business executive; an entrepreneur, a philanthropist; an adjunct professor of ethics and corporate social responsibility; and a Storyteller, a novelist and speaker. He lives near Kansas City with his wife, Kitty, close to his sons and their families. Angie’s War is Gary’s second novel, a sequel to One Young Soldier.


At last… A novel about war that also starkly portrays the anguish and pain of those who wait at home while their loved ones are far away in the fight. A must-read for every American.
— Susan Warden, Marriage and Family Therapist, Prairie Village, KS



Angie’s War

1969—America is embroiled in the bloody war in Vietnam, losing more than five hundred killed and wounded each week. Beautiful young Angie Giles waits at home through day after agonizing day for the return of her beloved husband, Tony, as he soldiers through his 365-day deployment as an Army infantryman. Finally, unable to suffer through another day of waiting or another night of torment, Angie incites a chain of events that will haunt her for the rest of her life, and change the lives of those she loves, forever.

In Angie’s War author Gary DeRigne tells a gripping tale of love and loss, fear and courage, desperation and hope, that begins in the jungles of Vietnam and extends through the battlefields of Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. All the while, through generation after generation, loved ones at home wait, and worry, and pray, in an America that has become callous to the human cost of war. 

DeRigne paints vivid images of combat as only a war veteran can, and he describes its bitter aftermath as only one who has personally survived it can possibly convey. Angie’s War, a sequel to DeRigne’s One Young Soldier, is a masterfully written page-turner, the product of a gifted and sagacious storyteller.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-78-4 | 394 Pages
FICTION / Romance / Military
FICTION / War & Military