Deidre, an Athens resident, is the Director of Learning Support for University of North Georgia by day and an adjunct professor of UNG’s student success course by night. When not directing or teaching, she enjoys listening to an eclectic mix of music and radio programs, doing word puzzles, reading, taking long, soul-cleansing power walks, and doing Pilates. And writing.

"I cannot not write; it’s the way I try to make sense of the world and determine what I think and know and believe. I have three accomplished, brave, and beautiful grown daughters, one cat, one grand-cat, and four grand-dogs." 



Reawakening Rebekah: the Gift of the CLAMOR Girls

Until the untimely death of her beloved father, everything Rebekah Wilkins-Standifer plans for her life has fallen easily into place, including her marriage and her rapid climb up the corporate ladder in fashion merchandising. Now, in the grip of an unrelenting depression, Rebekah struggles with even the most mundane of tasks. In the office of Dr. Myra Devoe, a psychiatrist who still believes in private practice and talk therapy in addition to the wonders of pharmaceuticals, Rebekah embarks on the journey of reclaiming her life.

Additionally, the dark childhood secret that Rebekah has forced from her conscious memory still haunts her and threatens to dismantle the world she has so carefully constructed. From the high-power world of top-dollar fashion merchandising accounts to group therapy sessions with the CLAMOR Girls, Rebekah wavers between numbing denial and raw emotional honesty. Reawakening Rebekah is a story that celebrates triumph over great loss and testifies to the resilience of the human spirit, revealed not so much in grand acts as in the many small decisions to get even by learning to live well.