Client: LUC
Price: $350
People: 1 camera operator, who was able to run sound as well
Actor: volunteer
Locations: 1
Shoot time: 1.5 hours
Editing time: 1.5 hours



Client: Timothy Road Elementary School
Price: $1500 + $500 rush fee
People: 3 camera operators and 1 sound person
Locations: 1
Shoot time: 3 hours
Editing time: 16 hours

Complicating factors: This video was a last-minute rush job. We had three hours on a Friday to shoot and had to deliver the final video on Monday. The short timeline and breadth of content required meant that we had to find creative solutions and work without a lot of the tools we usually use. Our editor worked all day Saturday and Sunday to deliver the final product by Monday morning.


Meet the Doctor

Client: Athens Orthopedic Clinic
Price: $2500
People: 2 camera operators, 1 sound person
Locations: 4, one of the locations was only accessible by mountain bike
Shoot days: 3
Editing time: 15 hours

Pre-production: We met with the client for three rounds of editing on the script and visited the AOC Surgery Center to assess lighting needs.


Mission Story

Client: New Urban Forestry
Price: $5,000
People: 2 camera operators, 1 sound person, 1 drone operator
Locations: 5
Shoot days: 4
Editing time: 15 hours

Pre-production: we met with the client multiple times over three weeks to discuss the story, script, and logistics of filming.

Complicating factors: Much of this video was shot in potentially hazardous work environments, which put our people and equipment (especially our drones) at risk.