Alicia Collins is a freelance fine art and commercial artist based in the Atlanta area. Collins works in numerous mediums, such as photography, sculpture, and printmaking, to create her artistic visions. Collins received her MFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Her most recent personal work is an exploration of the relationship she shares with her mother, which investigates and challenges the ideals of motherhood, family dynamics, and home. Inspired by artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Tierney Gearon, Collins uses her art as a tool to better understand her past as well as her place in the present. 

Collins has recently been published and awarded accolades in such magazines as PDN Photo Annual 2015 and numerous Musée Magazine issues, including Musée Magazine No. 9 Temptation and Musée  Magazine No. 10 Vol. 2 – Ritual. She is also a featured artist on LensCulture. She strives to continually learn and grow as an artistic professional while being an active member in her surrounding creative community.




Home examines the intense and fiercely close relationship Collins shares with her mother. Within Alicia's eccentric upbringing, “home” was never clearly defined. Throughout Collins' life, her mother has always been a constant—her one safe place, where she found acceptance and a sense of belonging. Alicia's mother is her "home”. This book investigates the concepts of home, motherhood and family and how the ideals of these institutions pertain to Collins' own experiences and memories. Anxiety and tenderness fuse, revealing a complex relationship where boundaries and normalcy are regularly challenged. 

Visually, this book functions as evidence that begins to tell a story of a mother and daughter, where private moments become artifacts for public viewing and where the concept of home can begin to be understood. 

Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-944193-01-0 | 64 Pages
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