on remembering chu moor:

During the CA onto a very steep hill to establish the firebase, the helicopter tilted drastically and I fell out at a distance of ten feet or so and landed on my head and pack, crushing the steel helmet about 3-4”. Like an idiot I got up and said, “I’m all right”. Bill Boling remembers my fall and helped me get up. I do not recall any events that took place and later one of the medics told me that it was a good thing I had no memory of that battle. We lost many of our good buddies and many more wounded.





The Battle For Chu Moor Mountain

In April of 1968 in Kontum Province near the Cambodian border, The 1-22 Infantry fought a vicious battle with elements of the North Vietnamese Army. This became known as the Battle of Chu Moor Mountain. The combat was intense, with 1st Battalion attacking, the NVA counter-attacking, and 1st Battalion attacking again. The NVA employed mortars, B-40 rockets, snipers, and even flame throwers. Elements of the 1-14 Infantry, 1-12 Infantry, and 3-8 Infantry joined the battle when it became clear the enemy was in force and had decided to stay. After nearly 7 days of heavy fighting, the NVA finally withdrew, leaving the mountain in US hands.

This is a compilation of first-hand stories from the brave troops of the 4th Infantry Division who participated in that battle.

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