Rosalind & Maggie Bunn

Rosalind & Maggie Bunn

Rosalind Bunn

Rosalind is a teacher at East Side Elementary in Marietta, Georgia. She has three grown children and a new grandson. She is the author of five  children’s books. Her book, Thunder & a Lightning Bug Named Lou, illustrated by Angela C. Hawkins, was released December 2016.  She is excited to share her newest story, Once Upon a Zoo, with everyone—especially her grandchildren.

Maggie Bunn

Maggie is a debut author with Once Upon A Zoo. She works for J Jill Corporation.  Maggie is looking forward to sharing Zoo and creating more stories. 





Princess had it all: an entire wing devoted just to her and her treasures. She loved playing with her many toys and stuffed animals, but one day as she and her toys were having a tea party, she realized something was missing. Maybe it’s time I get a real pet, she thought.

She told the Queen what she wanted, and the Queen brought in all kinds of interesting animals—so many, in fact, that Princess quickly became overwhelmed with new friends. How was she going to be able to pick just one?

Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-947309-34-0 | 38 pages
Animals / Zoos



Lou is a little lightning bug with a big problem — his light is too bright! But as Lou soon discovers, sometimes what makes you different is also what makes you special.

Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-944193-73-7 | 32pages


Whose Shadow Do I See?

Whose Shadow Do I See? is a bedtime story in which a little boy—who is not ready for the last story to be read and the light to be turned out—imagines that shadows are all sorts of things. Luckily, his grandfather is there to help! 

This story is for any child whose vivid imagination has made them fearful of the dark.

Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-941165-82-9 | 32 Pages
JUVENILE FICTION / Bedtime & Dreams


The Monsters Three

“WE WANT TO TRICK! WE NEED A TREAT! WE WOULD EVEN LET YOU SMELL OUR FEET!” It’s Halloween, and three little monsters are terrorizing their neighborhood with this ghoulish greeting. Before long, the candy stops coming and they are forced to reconsider their monstrous ways.

Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-941165-30-0 | 32 Pages
JUVENILE FICTION / Holidays & Celebrations / Halloween

Sophie May and the Shoe Untying Fairy

The fanciful story of Sophie May, who buys hi-top pink tennis shoes for school, but cannot tie them! The Shoe Untying Fairy plays with her laces, and gives Sophie May a rhyme to teach her how to tie those shoes! Follow her attempts as she masters this important skill, and goes on to teach a friend how to tie his shoes!

The Butter Bean Lady

A story of love, friendship, and acceptance in Columbus, GA in the 1950s. As Dianne’s grandmother buys produce from the Butter Bean Lady, the two young granddaughters have a day of play and adventure. The two families share a dinner together at the end of the day in this poignant and beautiful picture book.


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