When Jennifer Bonn started teaching thirty-six years ago, she never dreamed what an adventure it would be. It is a career that pulls out every emotion and that requires an individual to be an advocate, educator, counselor, confidant, and surrogate parent. It requires passion. Jennifer decided that it was time to chronicle the many adventures and experiences that she has had.

Jennifer’s second passion is writing so it seemed natural to combine the two to tell this story. Jennifer has a regular column with Georgia Runner called On The Run, she writes regularly for Women’s Running online site and she is published regularly in her local paper.
Jennifer likes to see the humor in most situations, and she believes that in order to truly enjoy teaching, a sense of humor is necessary. She hopes that the true- life situations in the book will make her readers laugh at the crazy lifestyle that a teacher sometimes leads.

She has taught in both public and private schools, day and boarding across the country. She is an avid reader and runner. She lives in Georgia with her husband John, three children, and an assortment of crazy animals. Jennifer continues to teach at a private Christian school in Kennesaw, Ga. 






Stay away from the girls' bathroom!
(And other teaching tips)

Jennifer Bonn imparts years of "lessons learned" to new and experienced teachers alike in "Stay Away from the Girls' Bathroom". Twenty-eight years experience in public and private middle and high schools, including a boarding school, is delivered with humor and common sense. She covers topics such as communications with parents, students, and other teachers; balancing the teaching life; becoming a better teacher; what every teacher needs to know to survive, and other gems of wisdom. A third year teacher said, "I wish this book had been available during my first two years of teaching. I like Jennifer's common sense ideas that I can implement as I start my third teaching year this fall. Also, this would be a great book for non-teachers and parents to read, to learn what the real life of a teacher is all about."

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Paperback | ISBN 978-0-9776018-9-9 | 104 Pages