As founder/CEO of Deeds Publishing, this is my baby. Having loved books all my life, author of six books, and having published almost 150 books, my team and I know a great deal about helping new and established authors realize their dream of becoming published authors. 

As we enter our second decade, we continue to operate on the Basic Beliefs that Jan and I learned during our IBM careers. Those Basic Beliefs are: 1) Respect for the Individual, 2) Provide the Best Customer Service in the World, and 3) Strive for Excellence in Everything We Do. The referrals and repeat business we get from our existing authors tell us that our beliefs are working. 

We are not a giant publisher and will happily continue to fill a niche that many authors find is just right for them. We encourage all authors to let us help you make your dreams come true.

Many ask where the name Deeds Publishing came from. “Deeds not Words" is the motto of the unit I served with in Vietnam. Like that great unit, we always strive to let our Deeds prove our worth. You will find that motto at the bottom of every email message I send out - a constant reminder to us all.