Gary C. Barnett holds a BS degree from Middle Tennessee State University and an MA in Agency and Community Counseling from Indiana State University. Since 1973, Gary has worked with children and families, serving primarily as a counselor. Involvement includes Child Protective Services in Vanderburgh County, Indiana and as a Consultant for the State of Indiana Child Welfare Department. In 1988, Gary began his third association with Hillcrest Washington Youth Home in Evansville, Indiana, serving as the Program Administrator, Residential Services Director, and is the current Director of Treatment Services. Gary is also a “trained trainer” in Cornell University’s Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, and a member of the I.A.R.C.C.A. state “Best Practices” task force on seclusions and restraints. He has been involved in his community, serving on the boards of both the Ark Crisis Prevention Nursery and Big Brothers/Big Sisters advisory board as well as coaching youth sports and teaching youth Sunday School at St. Paul’s United Christian Church for over 20 years.



Scream of the Butterfly

In today’s world, more children are being raised outside of their biological family than ever before. The “blended family,” the “substitute parent,” and relative care are now the norm, not the exception.

Among the toughest roles in the world is serving as a substitute parent—whether for a foster child, a step-child, your own grandchildren, or any other child who needs you. And, it can be among the most rewarding things you will ever do.

Like with any other parenting role, there is no instruction book that comes with the child. These children, often through no fault of their own, are hurting—from neglect, from abuse, from a sense of loss; the list can be complex and endless. At the stage in their lives when you step in to help, they are screaming butterflies—beautiful on the outside but hurting on the inside.

With almost forty years of experience working with children from all walks of life, Gary Barnett has shared his experiences and the lessons he has learned along the way—from the first belligerent child he encountered on his first day in his first job as a children’s advocate, through the years of highs and lows as he has worked diligently to help these beautiful screaming butterflies.

This book will help you decide if you are right for this challenging role, how to handle the first days as a substitute parent, how to deal with attitude and behavior challenges, how to communicate so the child understands, how to effectively use discipline, and many other challenges you will encounter as a substitute parent.

Thanks for taking on this very important substitute parent role. Hopefully this book will help you along your journey.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-937565-40-4 | 245 Pages
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