Sara Baker's fiction has been published in Cleaver, Confrontation, H.O.W. Journal, The China Grove Journal, The, The Examined Life Journal, The New Quarterly, The Lullwater Review and other venues and has been shortlisted for the Bridport and Fish contests. Her poetry has been published in Stone, River, Sky: the Negative Capability Press Anthology of Georgia Poetry, The 2011 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine, The Apalachee Review, The Healing Muse, Ars Medica, and elsewhere.  Her poetry chapbook, Brancusi’s Egg, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2013. A previous novel was a finalist for the Hemingway Days first novel award. She received her B.A. in English Literature from the University of Georgia and her M.A. in English Literature from Boston College. 

After teaching English literature and writing at the college level for fifteen years, Sara’s own experience with illness and loss spurred her to design and facilitate a writing-to-heal workshop for cancer patients and caregivers at the Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support in Athens, Georgia. Over the eleven years she ran those workshops, she presented and published extensively in the field of expressive writing. Her passion to share the healing that can emerge from writing comes directly from her own experiences. After severe complications from childbirth and the diagnosis of a grave chronic illness, she was bed-ridden and unable to read or write for two years. She was informed by her medical providers that she would remain so for the rest of her life. Her writing helped her regain a sense of self and ultimately heal.

Sara lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband, Todd Baker. They have three grown children, one almost grown, and are grateful to live in such a wonderful community.  When not writing or teaching, Sara is an avid gardener, dancer and dog lover.

A community icon vital to a troubled Georgia town is left comatose by an impaired 17-year-old driver and thus begins this tale that underscores how a single tragic moment can send ripples of change through the lives and futures of those at the scene, their families and friends, and even those they’ve yet to meet. With the precision of a clockmaker, Sara Baker has set into place the gears that move her characters from an horrific incident, through the inevitable mazes that comprise life after, to the satisfying ending of a father/son story framed by loss and recovery.
— Suzanne Strempek Shea, prizewinning author of Make a Wish, but Not for Money


The Timekeeper's son

A small Southern town. A restless boy. An embittered father. And late one night, a careless mistake.

Aspiring teenage filmmaker Josh Lovejoy, uncharacteristically high one night, hits a jogger. It is not any jogger, but David Masters, a popular local activist in the small town of Milledge, Georgia. The accident puts Masters in the hospital in a coma, and shatters the fragile equilibrium of the Lovejoy family. Josh's father, Hal, a clockmaker who keeps timepieces running with a passion he fails to bring to his marriage, retreats to his clock shop. Helen Lovejoy, a dedicated mother and amateur painter, falls into a depression. A shocked Josh reluctantly takes up his court-ordered community service work with disabled children. Meanwhile, comatose David is visited by the ghost of singer Peggy Lee, while his childless wife, Meg, an elementary school teacher, tries to imagine her life without him. In her grief, Meg becomes obsessed with the Lovejoy family. 

As the adults around him try to find their footing, Josh indulges in dreams of his future as a famous filmmaker. In love with an unstable girl and estranged from his parents, Josh follows her to New York City, where, overwhelmed, he makes a fateful decision that puts him beyond the help of those who love him. 

Set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights era and the fraying social net of the New South, The Timekeeper’s Son weaves the lives of these five characters together exposing hidden learning disabilities, broken dreams, complicated relationships, and communication difficulties. It explores themes of grief and forgiveness, isolation and connection, masks and disguises, all while depicting its characters’ lives with tender intimacy. Written with a poet’s sensibility to language and imagery, with impeccable pacing, and with elements of both the thriller and magical realism, this is a singular novel not to be missed.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-944193-56-0 | 418 Pages
FICTION / Coming of Age