Lou Aguilar was born in Cuba and lived there until age six, when his anti-Castro scholar father flew the family to America, one step ahead of a firing squad (for his dad, not Lou). He attended the University of Maryland, where he majored in English, minored in film, and found both to be dependent on great writing. He became a journalist for The Washington Post and USA Today, then a produced screenwriter, and, in 2016, a published novelist with Jake for Mayor. Lou has had three independent movies made, including the cult science-fiction film, "Electra" (33rd on Maxim magazine's list of "The 50 Coolest 'B' Films of All Time"). He presently writes only "A" scripts. His last short story, "The Mirror Cracked," was published in the prestigious horror anthology, Kolchak: the Night Stalker Chronicles, which was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award.




Paper Tigers

Two ambitious new interns at the Washington Post—a cowboy conservative and a patrician feminist beauty—match wits and sparks while vying for a reporter slot. But can chemistry trump ideology in the mad age of Donald Trump?

They came to the Washington Post from opposite sides—Nick Jarrett, the conservative son of a Wyoming rancher, and Laura London, an Ivy League feminist firebrand. They are young, bright, and attractive. Sure, they’re just copy aides, glorified gophers, relegated to delivering parcels and answering phones on different news desks. But someday, they'll be Post reporters who will save America—either from the Left or the Right…if only they can solve their "silly" romantic issues first. Chief among them are their radically opposed politics —sexual or otherwise.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-55-5 | 392 pages
FICTION / Political
FICTION / Romance / Workplace