Larry Acquaviva was born on the east side of Detroit in 1965. Music was the first thing he gravitated towards. After high school, he tried some college, then hitchhiked across America in search of his muse. He met the boys of Widespread Panic in Athens in the fall of 1987 and traveled with them for five years, then set out on his own in 1992. He married his wife in 1995, and since then has produced radio plays, films, and children's books, recorded hundreds of songs, and played live countless times. He has traveled all over America, up into Canada, down into Mexico, and through Guatemala. Over the course of four years, he has written seven books. Since meeting in high school, he and his wife have lived in Michigan, Georgia, Texas, and Georgia again. They have no children and one cat.






Nobody cares who you are; it was a sentiment I became all too familiar with as I was growing up. It's what the city of Detroit was all about. But by the time I met the boys of Widespread Panic in October of 1987, I didn't give a damn that nobody cared who I was. By then, I had found the music, and a group of boys who were about to show me just how powerful that music could be. From that point forward, the only thing I cared about was living, breathing, and sleeping with the sound. And the boys of Widespread Panic showed me exactly how to do that.

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Nobody Cares Who You Are Book II: The Hitchhiking Odyssey

"My experience hitchhiking proved to me that out in that big, bad world, when you don’t have two nickels to rub together at times, when you become a shadow in the midst of a sea of humanity, when you understand that you are merely a speck of dust on the side of a forgotten highway, that sometimes, nobody cares who you are. It was a powerful lesson in humility, and truth, about who I truly was, and what this world is really all about. This is what I found as I blazed across the country like a mad man on the loose.”

— Larry Acquaviva

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nobody cares who you are

“This is the story of a very confused young man who grew up in a volatile home, was guided by music, witnessed the downfall of Detroit and set out to find his muse. Along the way, he made some discoveries about the world and himself, barely survived many situations and lived to tell the tale. The book covers my life from birth to age twenty and sets the stage for books two through five. Nobody Cares Who You Are
is a journey of the mind, body and soul.”

— Larry Acquaviva

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